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New emotions every day

sunny 36 °C

I could get used to this: an ice-cream now, a milkshake later and a frozen yoghurt on the afternoon snack. The only thing I can't stand is this terribly hot weather... 8 am in the morning and the thermometer already reaches 27 °C; 11 pm and I barely sense the night! And we are not even in Summer!!! Beijing is a wonderful city, but should be visited between October and April.
Today I visited the amazing Temple of Heaven and the Lama Temple, the most important Buddhist temple outside Tibet. I even got to perform the traditional ceremony of incense burning.
In the afternoon I discovered some nice hutongs (typical Chinese neighbourhoods) to visit that are not even on tourist guides.
I have already tasted a great amount of traditional Chinese dishes (vegetarian) and I am very pleased with Chinese cuisine.
I am starting to feel sad because my holidays are just finishing. I think it was a long time to be away from home, but at the same time, I think it went on an eyeglance!

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The Great Wall

sunny 30 °C

Wow! That's all my mouth could say first time I laid eyes on the Great Wall. I'm not exaggerating - it's really outstanding! I walked part of the Great Wall in the site of Badaling, and the views were amazing. They could have been even better if it wasn't for the constant cloud of smog that smothers China.
The wall is steeper than I thought and even experimented trekkers will sense some difficulties and short breath, once in a while. But the effort is worth it. It's an amazing architecture piece. The next step for me is walking throughout China on the Great Wall, stopping and visiting the most wonderful places, lost between the mountains and its rivers. Maybe one day...

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What a wonderful city!

sunny 34 °C

I've been here for no longer than 30 hours and I keep amazed by how it works: motocicles and cars are noiseless, the subway works like a Swiss watch, it's a very intelligent and person-friendly city, and almost everyone scratches a bit of English.
The only thing worse is the hot weather at the moment: 34 °C and rising, towards the end of the week, which makes it tough for walking around and sightseeing, even tough there are lots of parks and green areas. I am stopping every 60 minutes to buy an icecream or a frozen yoghurt - there's no other way!
I started the day with a tour from Tiananmen Square to the Forbidden City, strolled around Beihai Park and then went for a magnificient show of Acrobatics in Chaoyang Theatre.
I am really loving Beijing!

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Between steppe and dunes

semi-overcast 20 °C

That's how I can describe the last leg of the train journey. The Gobi desert, set between Mongolia and China, is a mix of these two. Some people prefer not to call it a desert, due to the lack of dunes, but Gobi is a desert, geomorphically speaking, thanks to its terrain, climate and specific flora/fauna. Besides, it always has some nice dunes, altough not so big as those in Namibe, of course. And I saw a lot of camels!
The trip comes to a halt at the border, not only because of the usual passport control, but also due to the bogie-changing (Russian and Mongolian railways have a wider gauge), an operation worthwhile to see even inside the train.
Still in the outskirts of Beijing, one can perceive the huge permanent smog that affects and covers the city...

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If Genghis Khan had a car...

sunny 18 °C

...he would have gone much further! These Mongolian are completely out of their minds when it comes to driving... I am surprised how I survived.
My stomach can't say the same. After 15 days of food challenging, it gave up and felt a slightly discomfort. Everything ok right now, but I am going to refuse my entrance in Oriental restaurants as soon as I get home. Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Mongol - it doesn't matter - here, it tastes and smells all the same. And that's a never-ending smell...
Tomorrow I'll start the final leg of this Trans-Siberian journey. If everything works out, I'll be in Beijing in Monday afternoon. The temperature is already above 30 °C!!! And I have already bought a new book anticipating the hours I'm gonna be stuck at Mongolia-China border...

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