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And there I was. Alone in Moscow. At least for now.
The first impressions from the city are good: great forest almost all the way from the airport to the city, and remarkable buildings. As I already knew, underground stations are easily mistaken for theaters or museums! What a joy! And the provodnitsas waiting for the departure of the trains? It seems like we are in a movie of Communist times.
I spent most part of the flight studying Russian and you'll see - I'll master it in a few days! I already know how to add and read most of the letters, I'm just lacking practice!
I have to visit my friend Lenine tomorrow - I'll send greetings from everyone ;)

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Water @ 24 ºC, Air @ 32 ºC. What else?

sunny 30 °C

Yes! In October and in Europe! The last days of my trip to Greece were absolutely fantastic! Breathtaking beaches, adorable villages and a weather to die for! After visiting the lakes in Western Macedonia I had two choices: going to Thessaloniki and a bit further towards Turkey or heading down along the coast, for a nice beach roadtripping. I chose the latter because we hadn't much time and still wanted to lay on the beach, since the weather was on our side. Just to name a few: Agiokampos, Mylopotamos, Agios Ioannis, Kala Nera... Most of these beaches are quite inacessible (secondary roads diverting from the main, distancing some km) so they are quiet and almost pristine. It's really worth a visit. I could not get satisfaction with just one beach!
The last day in Athens was spent in Glyfada, a nice sidewalk along the coast, built for the Olympic Games, and exploring once more the center of the town, with the beautiful Acropolis always on the picture.
This was a remarkable trip because it exceeded my expectations at all levels. Greece is a country to love, to live and to come back. Never a place has matched my heart in the way Greece did. I loved the weather, the people, the food and the Greek simple way of living!

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On top of the world

semi-overcast 20 °C

Well, guess you haven't seen nothing till you have seen Meteora. Meteora is a complex of monasteries (more than 20, of which only 6 remain open) dating from XI-XVI centuries, where monks and nuns still live today. These monasteries were built above and inside a complex structure of rocks, in order to escape the Turks. Some monks decided to found a monastery there because the inaccessibility of the place would grant the Byzantine monks some safety. Major literature masterpieces have only survived the Turks and the Germans in the WWII thanks to these monks, who have religiously kept them safe.
Unfortunately, visitors only have access to a restricted part of the monastery. However, as a living monastery, one can admire the good state of the churches and its frescos. And the view from the monastery is breathtaking!
Today I went up to the North, to the Prespa lakes, just by the Albanian and Macedonian border. Amazing landscapes, now coloured by the Fall. I felt cold for the first time, as the temperature fell down almost 15 °C degrees!
The next days, and before delivering the car in Athens, I am going to explore Thessaly beaches, where the Sun is still warm!

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Making friends everywhere

sunny 33 °C

That's one of the good things about Greece. Because there are plenty. Greeks are nice persons, sometimes more than they should be (when they annoy people to enter or buy something, kind of Morocco too). But most of the time they feel really happy when they get to know someone, specially when they think we're Italian and we tell them we're Portuguese!
Whenever I get the chance, I always try to avoid motorways and main roads, except if they're coastal. Today, I chose again a mountain road and I was sensing we were wrong, by the position of the Sun. Yes, I don't use GPS and I don't think I ever will. I have been travelling for so long in Europe only with maps and the precious help of the Sun, and I know half of its countries, so don't say a word about that. But today the Sun was not on the right position... In fact, against all odds, my map was missing a road! So, we ended up "lost" for some time and we were getting hungry. In these little villages, few people speaks English or French, so it's more difficult to grab something to eat. After wandering a bit more, we stopped in a small cafe and the lady in charge was so nice (she knew some English and French) she decided to cook something for us. We talked for a while, exchanged emails and she even offered us the local drink. And we paid a bargain for that! How nice :) These are the things that make a trip and all get lost when we travel in a group, with a pre-defined schedule.
After another sunset on the beach, I am now at Delphi.

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Between gods and heroes

sunny 32 °C

Some things are better seen than told. One of them is Mystras, the most well preserved Byzantine complex. It's just beautiful! The path to the top is difficult but worth it. Amazing view from the castle and excellent frescos in the interior of the churches/monastery.
I am now at Olympia, a city that means so much for me... a huge fan of the Olympics.

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