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Breathtaking landscapes

sunny 31 °C

Peloponese must be one of the most lovely regions in the world: crystal clear waters, rock monasteries and peebles beaches everywhere. People are even friendlier than in other places. I have been meeting wonderful people these last few days, on the road, most of them curious about our accent. They always guess we're Spanish or Italian!!!
Today I visited a wonderful place called Monemvasia, a Byzantine fortress and monastery, surrounded by the most beautiful waters I've ever seen. The water ought to be at 23 °C and this Aegean Sea... I love it! I even saw little fishes and lot of algae, as if I was in the Red Sea.
Tomorrow I'll go on with my Peloponese trip and I hope the sun keeps shining!

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Back on track

sunny 30 °C

Finally, we're back on track. We arrived yesterday from the islands and are already on the road! Paros is a lovely destination, definitely worth it, perhaps because it is not so overrated like Santorini or Mykonos.
It was not so difficult to get out of Athens and we have driven almost 200 km. The day was dedicated to visits to ancient ruins and we've chosen to spend the night in another paradisiac destination: Kiveri Beach. The sun has already set a few hours ago and we can still feel the air warm! In October - what a joy! We are just 10 m away from the beach and can only hear the waves bursting on the peebles. Tomorrow we are going to start the day with a dive in these crystal clear waters and then we're going to drive along the coast and discover a bit more about the Peloponese. Here we can sense a different Greece, more rural and traditional, where less people speak English.

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Dolce fare niente

sunny 29 °C

Walking in Fira, Santorini's capital, enjoying a drink from one of the terraces and reading a book in the boat deck on my way to Paros - life couldn't be much better! The weather was even nicer than yesterday, which allowed a 3 hour trip with the sun as my company. The landscape of the Cyclades is always charming!
We arrived at Paros in the evening, a bit after the sunset. The city seems to be amazing and the beaches are one of a kind!

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Olives in the beach

sunny 28 °C

If anyone had told me one could have olives in the beach, I would not believe it. Mixing together those 2 things I so dearly love it's amazing.
Today I went to discover the South of Santorini, with its red and black beaches. I decided to stay in Perissa and had a wonderful lunch right at the beach. The sun was so hot it is difficult to believe we are already in October.
The afternoon was dedicated to another beautiful sunset, this time in Firostefani, with its typical white washed houses. I'm serious thinking about coming to Santorini... I can't get enough of it. It's all so beautiful. I get stunned just to look at those amazing cliffs with those beautiful and cosy houses.
Tomorrow I'm heading to Paros island, and hopefully, I am experiencing another sunset, this time on board.

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Welcome to Paradise

sunny 25 °C

Could I wish any better than a great sunny day for the ferry-boat trip from Athens to Santorini? Definitely not. The sunrising was beautiful and it marked our departure from Athens. Although it was windy in the deck (as it is usual) we could be there for some periods and still enjoy reading or simply appreciating the landscape. The trip was more like a cruise trip as the boat made 3 stops (Paros, Naxos and Ios) during the journey, allowing the passengers to enjoy great views over the beautiful Cyclades islands.
At 3 pm we arrived at Santorini and got stunned! What an amazing landscape! It's even better that the postcards! And the water? I can't believe it's still at 25 °C in October! After leaving the luggage at the hotel, we headed to Oia and watched the sunset from the hill. The houses, from Venetian influence, all white and blue, are really beautiful and worth a lot of pictures. However, I am having trouble imagining Santorini in July or August, as I saw lots of tourists here, at the moment... The restaurants and hotels are harmoniously matched into the rock and allow stunning views over the volcano.
I found a Portuguese couple for the second time since Athens, which makes me think how small this place is!
I have learnt some Greek words by now, and I am also trying to match the 2 alphabets, in order to decipher some things.
Tomorrow I am planning a trip to the south of Santorini.

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