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Again in the Balkans

semi-overcast 22 °C

And here I am, once again, in the Balkans! This time in Greece. It was in my destination list for a long time ago... Now, that I have arrived, I am afraid I like it so much that I don't want to go back to Portugal...
My first impressions are very good. 10 minutes after landing, a good-looking Greek guy was already giving me its cell number, in case I needed some help! The weather is nice (like in Portugal) and the food delicious!
At the hostel I met a couple (he is Irish and she is Brazilian) who has been travelling for almost 3 months, not only in Europe, but also in Asia! Nice meeting them and trading back some information about countries I still want to go.
Athens has proved to be even more beautiful than I had expected, and I kind of understand why Merkel doesn't like the Greeks: they enjoy the good weather and the outside from dawn till sunset, in spite of the economic crisis... And they have sun almost every year, which is relatively scarce in Germany!
I loved the view from Partenon and the old typical neighbourhoods in Athens, as long as the Olympic stadium.
Tomorrow I have to get up at dawn ir order to get the ferry-boat to Santorini. It's a 7-hour trip but I'm sure it's worth it.

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We live in a room or Iceland is a small country

overcast 15 °C

If I tell this to anyone, it will sound unreal. Better saying, surreal! What are the odds that I find an old Portuguese friend here in Iceland? Someone that I haven't talked to in a while? In fact, he had sent me a message by facebook in the previous night, saying he was in Iceland too, for a conference, in a nearby town. I answered but told him I had no idea where I would be the next night...
The whole day went through and I ended up looking for a room in his town. I was driving and saw him on the sidewalk. What a coincidence! If I got room there, I was only going to contact him for a coffee or so after dinner! But it was a lot more fun like this because we had dinner together and lots of time to chat!
I am now at Reykjavik, enjoying the final moments in this fabulous city, with its little coloured houses. Tomorrow I'll have another morning in Copenhagen and then... Off to Lisbon. It's good to be back, but soon I know I'll be wishing I'm on the road again! Well, you know, I'm a globetrotter!

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Climbing glaciers and saving sheep

all seasons in one day 8 °C

There's something one cannot forget to experience whilst in Iceland: climbing or walking in a glacier. It's simply amazing, specially if you are as lucky as I was with the weather. It's not that difficult and it allows us to see certain features of glaciers and ice - very interesting!
Iceland is such a small country that I keep meeting the same persons a couple of km ahead! There were some Spanish guys that I was meeting every other two days. Last night we camped side by side and today we went in a glacier trip together. We ended up exchanging contacts and we might find each other's once again before leaving.
Besides the glaciers, the trip around South Iceland has been really great, with breathtaking landscapes and sheep everywhere. I even managed to help a little lamb pass the fence, as it was stuck and its mother and sister were worried about him on the other side of the road.
Tomorrow I'll visit Eyjafjallajökull and, hopefully, get to know a little bit more about the 2010 eruption. Then I'll go to the Golden Circle, an area which is wide known for its geothermal activity. I think some hot bath might be waiting for me...

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Between whales, volcanoes and glaciers

sunny 24 °C

Iceland is not only a country for new experiences, but also a country for extremes. These last days I've been wandering around glaciers and volcanoes, white and brown, clean and dust... I have never imagined that this could be possible! Sometimes, it seems we are on another planet.
I spent a wonderful afternoon at Akureyri, and even bought two English books (I don't know enough Icelandic yet...). Yesterday I had a fantastic morning watching whales - some of them were really close and it was amazing! What an animal... The day ended in perfection with a bath in a geothermal spring! I was there for 2 hours and I could be for another 2, at least... Simply revigorating!
Today I saw the most wonderful waterfall so far (Dettifoss). I'll never forget that view!
I have been camping these last nights and it has been amazing. I am now going to East and South to finish my driving around Iceland. It's so sad when we approach the end of our holidays... But there's still almost a week to come and plenty of emotions too!

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Up North

semi-overcast 12 °C

After 2 days wandering around the fjords on the West, I started the way down, towards Akureyri, but not before a few stops along the way. Today I wasn't so fortunate to see the seals on Hvammstangi, but I got to know some nice villages along the North shore. The landscape here is completely different: everything much greener with farms and crops everywhere. I managed to stay on a little farm, surrounded by hot springs and a breathtaking landscape. Still, I haven't had the hot pot bath yet! Yet...
Tomorrow I'll continue the road to North and I'm visiting some old herring harbours.

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