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Swimming with seals

semi-overcast 13 °C

They say that Iceland is a country for new experiences. Last night I had my first night camping here, and it was amazing, as I could follow the Sun during "night", but the best thing was the camping site - it was set in front of a bay where it's usual to see seals. How lucky I was! I saw them at "sunset", at the "break of dawn" and at lunchtime! Not only they were so friendly and so close to me, but also they decided to perform some water acrobatics. At some point, there were about 15 seals looking for my attention!
Today I took a scenic route that is considered one of the most beautiful in the world, along the West Fjords - there was snow and waterfalls everywhere!
Tomorrow I'm heading up North, towards Akureyri, but I'm doing a lot of stops before arriving there! These last 2 days the weather was terrific, and they say there'll be 22 °C in the North, in the next few days!
At this precisely time, the Sun is almost in the horizon and I don't feel like going to bed! My window has a fantastic view over Hólmavik port!

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Exploring the fjords

rain 13 °C

I am now at the West Fjords, have driven around 500 km, and have seen the Sun no more than 1 hour a day, even though it never sets at all! Lava fields, major waterfalls, hot springs... Iceland has it all! As far as the weather, Iceland has a bit of everything too! It has been raining since I landed, but the worst thing is the wind - I asked about it and Icelanders assured me this is not normal! Anyway, tomorrow I'll go North and the weather forecast is much more pleasant there - no wind, no rain and 22 °C!
Last night, in order to watch the sunset, I tried to stay awake... I was so tired that I fell aslept but I woke up 2 or 3 times (I didn't shut the curtains) and it was never dark! The sun sets and rises but in between there's always sunlight - welcome to the midnight sun! It's really amazing to go for a walk at midnight like if it was midday!
The best, so far:

  • The kindness of Icelanders;
  • Tourism infrastructures - roads, accommodation and places info is displaced everywhere;
  • The overwhelming landscapes.

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@ Iceland

overcast 8 °C

Just landed a few hours ago and the Sun is still in the sky! Wow! I think it'll never get completely dark...
Had an amazing day in Copenhagen, strolling around Nyhavn, on foot and by boat. The weather was pretty nice. Here, in Iceland, it's a little bit chillier (8 °C vs. 22 °C).
I'm getting the car first thing in the morning and then...off we go!

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Pit stop @ Copenhagen

semi-overcast 22 °C

Finally on my way to Iceland! =D After all these years, expectations may only be high... But I am staying for one day in Copenhagen... And guess what: the city is even more beautiful than it was 13 years ago! Last time I was year it was in July but it rained almost all the time... Tonight it's a perfect Summer night: people dining outside, only wearing t-shirts and shorts! The weather is almost as nice as in Portugal! I'm glad I brought some Summer clothes! Here it's one hour later than in Portugal and the sun sets at almost 10 pm! What a joy! Can't wait 'till I get to the Land of the Midnight Sun!
I'm loving the Danish language - not that difficult when you know English and bits of German and Dutch, and the Danes are really helpful and friendly!
Tomorrow I'll pay a second visit to the Little Mermaid and I am strolling around Nyhavn. They forecast some rainshowers but I think I'll get a nice tan instead :) - Last time I was here I had to buy an umbrella - it poured like cats and dogs!
See you in Iceland!

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Déjeuner à Bruxelles, diner à Paris...

semi-overcast 20 °C

...C'est possible avec le TGV!
The returning trip has now begun... An early train has given me the opportunity to spend a couple of hours in Paris, in the evening, so I took advantage of that and decided to visit la Tour Effeil, l'Arc du Triomphe et la Notre-Dame. I've been in Paris a few times but most of them just crossing the city to get somewhere else. In fact, I haven't been in Paris FOR REAL for something like 17 years! And it's one of my favourite cities... Paris is Paris, there are no words to describe it!
I guess this is time to say goodbye... And start thinking about the next trip! I'll miss carrying the backpacker on my back, I'll miss hearing foreign languages, I'll miss hopping on and off the trains, but mostly, I'll miss the incredible feeling of being in voyage!

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