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Saying goodbye

overcast 18 °C

Of all countries I've been in, I would never thought that I would only be wearing a shirt in the end of October in BELGIUM! A friend of mine told me to bring some coats because it would be cold, it might even snow! What a deception...
Apart of that, these last days here in Belgium have been amazing. I've visited Brugge and Gent and loved them! Today I went to Atomium, Mini-Europe and visited René Magritte museum. Tomorrow I have still some more places I wanna go, including the Comic Strip Museum!
Tomorrow night, unfortunately, it's time to start the return trip - Brussels-Paris, for a start.

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@ Brussels

sunny 18 °C

Breathtaking landscape at the Luxemburg City. My hostel was located underneath the train bridge, on the valley, and it was amazing! The train trip between Trier (German border) until the Luxembourg City is absolutely fantastic, having the Mosel river just next to the railway.
Arrival at Bruxelles with 1 h half delay, but the views were also a must.
Next days are going to be spent around the capital and the surroundings, not only because Belgium is a small country and trips between main cities don't take longer than 1 h half, but also because I've bought some books and my bag keeps getting heavier every day...

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Going North

semi-overcast 6 °C

After these last days in Berlin, it was time to say goodbye. Well, not goodbye... I'm sure I'm gonna be back sooner than I expect! The Jewish Museum, the Berlin Wall, the German Democratic Republic Museum, Brandenburg doors... In Berlin there are open air exhibitions everywhere, even in the subway! It's going to take a lot of time to digest so much information. The worst part is that I still have a week backpacking but I've already bought 4 books - they were an excellent opportunity, trust me!
I came to Bremen this morning and besides the nice train trip, it's a wonderful village, with an interesting medieval old center!
The sun shines every once in a while but for the first time I can feel the cold wind blowing from the North Sea!

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Ich bin ein Berliner!

semi-overcast 8 °C

Berlin is definitely THE city. Berlin never sleeps. Everything happens here. I fell in love with Berlin the first minute I laid my feet out of the train. The culture, the art, the architecture, the people... What's there not to like it? Everything is so perfect! In fact, I have just extended my stay here in Berlin...
Today I must have walked about 8 km and many more on subway and tram! Great views from the Bundestag, night photoshooting at the Potsdamer Platz but the best was the Berlin Wall and the East side of the city. It's like an open-air museum!
Can't wait for tomorrow!

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The long awaited Berlin!

sunny 12 °C

It think it sounds a bit too radical if I said: Now that I've seen Berlin, I can die. Indeed, I could. At least I'd die happy. What a place, what a city... Just for a start, the Berlin Hauptbahnhof is the most amazing station I've ever been into! And believe me, with 3 Interrails, I've known a lot of stations! I just don't have the right words to describe it.
Great day spent at Dresden and the weather was very nice! Without clouds, yeah =)
Tomorrow, just a brief plan for my day: Checkpoint Charlie (former Berlin Wall), Brandenburg Gate, Jewish Museum, Holocaust Memorial... and a formal invitation to visit the German Bundestag, by Mrs. Angela Merkel (ok, it wasn't really her, but her staff, it's almost the same, isn't it?).

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