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@ Dresden

rain 10 °C

Morning spent at the wonderful medieval city of Rothenburg ob der Tauber, nearby Nürnberg. I've heard the sun has ran off to Berlin, so I'm expecting to meet him again there. Rothenburg ob der Tauber is famous for the crafts shops, dedicated to Christmas and Teddybears, but mostly for its well preserved medieval town. It almost feels like if we're on a postcard! Missed the snow, though...
Fantastic train trip between Würzburg and Dresden.
I caught a cold back in Nürnberg, but besides that, I'm still alive!
A long day awaits me tomorrow here at Dresden.

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The sun is shining!

sunny 5 °C

Day spent at the beautiful city of Nürnberg. After strolling in the old town, I went to the former Nazy Party rally grounds, where Hitler held the speeches almost 80 years ago. It's hard to believe that almost 300 000 people gathered there to hear him. Some of the structures were never finished, and some of them were bombed and destroyed. The documentation centre is fantastic and worth a trip. To conclude this Nazi trip I went to the Nuremberg Palace of Justice, where the trials were held.
Finally, after 5 days of rain, the Sun has shown up and with it, a fabulous temperature of 5 °C! Never felt so happy with the cold: now, most of my clothes are on my body, and not on my back! I was disappointed these last few days on Switzerland, only having to wear a shirt...
Even tough the German trains are nice, I already miss the Swiss ones. Switzerland is expensive but worth the sacrifice, people are nicer and always speak French and English; in German, lots of people don't know English, or they don't want to know (my guess). But that has also advantages, because I am learning some German.
So far, I've been to: Strasbourg--->Bern--->Genève--->Interlaken--->Zurich. It is everything highly recommendable, especially the Swiss Alps and the Rheinfalls.
Next destinations on Germany are: Dresden and Berlin.
Auf wiedersehen!

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Between France and Switzerland

overcast 16 °C

Finally left France and the TGV's nightmare! Unfortunately, the first few hours in Strasbourg were spent under constant showers. This did not, however, stopped me from strolling around Petite France, gazing at those romantic houses, as if I was in a medieval movie. Don't know which one I liked most: the colored flowers perfectly hanging from the windows, or the river Ille, flowing rapidly between the small islands. I was happy to know that the stork is the symbol of Alsace, since it is my favourite bird.
The afternoon was spent in Bern, and this city was a pleasant surprise, as it was the train trip with the typical Swiss-postcard landscapes: the milk cows on the grass, the small villages between the hills... I think I almost saw little Heidi running towards the train, with a Milka on her hands!
Everything is so neat on Switzerland, everyone always so polite and eager to help a tourist in need. I'm loving it!

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Lisbon - Paris

rain 20 °C

Nice trip in good company between Lisbon and Hendaye, although I haven't slept that well, since I was placed in the first coach... Met a woman who lives between Portugal, Mali and France. And then, between Hendaye and Paris met a curious German woman, lonely traveller. She was also on Interrail but only around France. As we went together half of the trip, we could change some ideas about travelling in Europe, and the places I was about to visit in Germany. Like me, she was disappointed with the slowness of TGV. I could add the noise, the rude French people who think they are superior and the differential treatment SNCF gives to Interrailers. This is not the first time I cross France to get to some other country, and the story is always the same: a train retarded, a bombthreat on the station, the absolute need to catch a TGV (because the other connections aren't always that good). And me losing all the following connections and having to end up in some station for the night. I intended to spend the night on Strasbourg, but instead I had to stay in Paris... I love Paris but when I just want to cross the city between stations... I hate it!
It rained all day and I had some difficulty in getting a room, as there were many of them fully booked, and the others were too expensive. I got a map and found that Gare de L'Est was pretty close to Montmartre, one of my favourite places in Paris. I left the luggage in my room and headed to the Sacré Coeur for a late visit. That's always a pleasure to enjoy Paris skyline from that hill, in spite of the 280 steps I had to climb to go there!
Tomorrow I'll be heading towards Strasbourg, and then who knows?

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Leaving on the night train

semi-overcast 20 °C

I guess it could be a book title. Tomorrow, I'll be leaving Santa Apolónia station, on the night train, towards... Well, that's the fun about travelling with Interrail. One can choose the destiny just a few minutes before catching another train. Of course I've got my journey outlined, but there are still a few spots open. For now, I'll just go from Lisbon to Hendaye, enjoy this fantastic trip and then I'll decide if I enter Germany through the Swiss border or the French one.

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